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Congratulations, you’ve just landed on a really great site for free online guitar lessons!

Hi, great to see you here! Since you’re here, you must have been searching for free online guitar lessons. Please browse through some of these pages and envision yourself working through the lessons and learning to play guitar! You can do it. You can learn to play the guitar. You’re never too old, or too young, too busy or too poor to pick up an inexpensive guitar and begin working through the free guitar lessons here, at GuitarLessonInsider. With just a few minutes, each time you have a free moment you can begin playing the guitar. I know it didn’t take much to say that, but it really is that easy, once you get started reading through these free lessons, listening to the audio tracks and watching the videos.

These guitar lessons are structured so you can pretty much read some, practice the exercises, listen to the audio track or video, spend 2 or 3 minutes or 10 minutes working the exercises, then put your guitar down and do something else. When you come back, you can pick up just where you left off, without having to drag forward through a long video to find your spot.

You can do this. You can pick up your guitar, work through these lessons and learn to play the guitar. There is a very good collection of lessons to learn to play the bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, blues guitar and the beginner section will get you started in the right direction if you take the time to read the lessons. I know you can get started learning to play the guitar from the free lessons on this site, because I did. Here’s my story…

I’m 53, work for a living and make pretty good money. I’ll never have to worry about paying taxes at the highest tax bracket but, by spending wisely, I always seem to have the money to do what I want. So when on an impulse, as I was watching a YouTube video of someone playing guitar, I decided I wanted to play the guitar. I’ve always thought that I would learn to play the guitar one day, and I guess that day had finally come. Me, being cautious with how I spend my hard earned money (yes, I work for a living) I compromised with myself and decided I’d buy an inexpensive acoustic guitar and use some of the free online lessons to get started. My investment/risk was very low.

I searched online and found a nice guitar online for $129 (the link is far right side of guitar lesson reviews page), shipped free to my house and bought it. While I waited the 2 days for the guitar to arrive (I couldn’t believe that I got free shipping with a 2 day delivery), I began reading through the Beginner Guitar Lesson sections and got ready for my new guitar to arrive.

Once my new guitar arrived, I went down to my area in the basement, turned my computer on and immediately began picking at the strings. It sounded great! I couldn’t read a note and I’m sure I sounded terrible if there had been anyone to listen, but I could feel the strings vibrating as I plucked them and the tone of my cheap guitar was deep. I began doing my finger stretching exercises. After a little while, my finger tips hurt and I put the guitar down and went up to fix dinner. I could really feel my finger tips. I told myself that I’d come back to it after dinner but I didn’t. I had to pick up a son from practice, one thing lead to another and the day was over.

I thought about it at work the next day and kind of felt guilty. Then I decided not to worry about it. I made the commitment to myself that I would practice every day…for at least 3 minutes a day. Suddenly, it became easier to do. When I turned my computer on after work, I would pick up my guitar and practice while the computer powered up. Then I’d go to free lesson site, www.GuitarLessonInsider.com and pick up where I left off. Little by little I began spending just a bit more time playing. I wasn’t great, but I enjoyed the sounds I was making with my guitar.

If something came up and I missed a day I didn’t worry, I just picked up my guitar the next time I could and spent a few minutes playing. Because I didn’t have a whole lot of money invested in lessons and the free online guitar lessons were so convenient, I didn’t feel pressured to “have to practice,” I just did as I could. Now, months later I’m confident enough to pull out my guitar in front of others and play a few cords here and there. It is amazing how quickly I learned some pretty cool songs, just from following directions and practicing the basics. I still don’t read music very well, but I enjoy playing my guitar and just spend a little time, most days when I get home from work playing. I’m thinking of getting one of the courses to improve my music reading and will probably one day do the guitar scale mastery lessons also, but all in good time. I’m playing the guitar for my enjoyment and don’t feel I need to push to improve at some incredible pace that takes the fun out of playing guitar.

It is our sincerest wishes that you pick up a guitar, use these free lessons…and have fun!

Chris Johnson

Thank you for choosing our site but remember… Play your guitar and have fun!!!.


The GuitarLessonInsider Team

Complete List of Guitar Lessons at Guitar Lesson Insider.com
  1. Guitar Basics

  2. Finger Picking, Raking, Muting, Strumming

  3. Exercises for Success

  4. Guitar Chords for Beginners

  5. Beginner Guitar Scales

  6. Sheet Music Basics

  7. Notes on the Strings

  8. Basic Guitar Chords – How to Make Minor, Major and Major 7th Chords

  9. Great Beginner Guitar Tabs

  10. Types of Guitars

  11. The Significance of Scales

  12. Online Guitar Lessons vs. Personal Tutor

  13. Use of Modes in Scales

  14. Learning Guitar Chords – Slash Chords, 7th Chords and Bar Chords

  15. Harmonic and Melodic Scales

  16. Guitar for Beginners – What type of Guitar Should I Buy?

  17. How to Tune a Guitar with an Electric Tuner

  18. How to Tune a Guitar By Ear

  19. CAGED System Part 1 – Chords

  20. CAGED System Part 2 – Scales

  21. Getting Started

  22. Holding and Strumming

  23. D Chord and Up Strum

  24. Picking the E Chord

  25. Finishing the Song

  26. Learn and Master Guitar Information

  27. How to Play all the Famous Songs

  28. Playing with Tablature

  29. "Blister in the Sun"

  30. G and C

  31. The Bend

  32. The Slide

  33. A Few More Chords

  34. Basics Behind the Blues

  35. Basics Behind the Blues Part 2

  36. A Useful Lick

  37. The Moving Chord

  38. E7 Blues Progression

  39. The Blues Turnaround

  40. Riffing the Root and Flat 7th

  41. Hammering on Through Chords

  42. Plucking and Hammer Technique

  43. Decorating the Blues

  44. The Pentatonic Scale

  45. Pull Offs

  46. The Blues Scale

  47. Embellishing Chords

  48. Double Stops

  49. The 7 #9 Chord

  50. Riffing the Bass Line

  51. Walking the Bass

  52. Barring Chords

  53. Extended C Major and A Minor Scales

  54. Muted Picking

  55. 9th Chords and Mute Picking

  56. "Every Breath You Take" Chord Progression

  57. "Every Breath You Take" Melody

  58. Guitar Anatomy and Basic Fretting

  59. Acoustic Guitar Care and Love

  60. Standard Tuning and Acoustic Basics

  61. Tabs, Notation, and Charts

  62. Reading Traditional Notation

  63. Major Chords

  64. Minor Chords

  65. Key Signatures and Scale Basics

  66. Rhythms and Time Signatures

  67. Right Hand Technique

  68. Suspended Chords

  69. Basic Chord Progressions

  70. Power Chords

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