15 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout  No Equipment Required

15 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout No Equipment Required

If you are going through some weight problems and don’t want to go to the gym or you don’t have enough time to go to the gym to get your weight loss and maintain the shape of your body.

Then you can do many things at your house while not disturbing your daily life and not taking much time from your life.

Get proper food to maintain your health and get that weight gain or weight loss whatever your goal is diet is for everybody.

The most important and the best thing you can do is to get some regular exercise.

(I would recommend doing both together the dieting and exercise regularly).

So now you must be thinking how can we do exercise if we don’t have time don’t worry I will tell you an exercise routine that I myself do. Every day to get myself in shape.

It will take a maximum of 15 to 20 min of your daily life and can make you fit.

HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

So high-intensity interval training is a mixture of great varieties of exercises without resting or taking minimum rest in between. That you can yourself add to this routine and make it your own routine but I will tell you some of the great routine exercises that will activate your whole body in just 15min.

Exercise we will do

Burpees: One of the best exercises you will ever see that need no equipment just your body and ground that’s it. Burpees are really great for a full-body workout and can be done anywhere and as much as you want. To do burpees we start with standing straight then going to a squat position and jumping directly to a push-up position and then doing a push-up and getting back to the squat and then jumping from that and standing still so that’s your basic burpees.

Squats: We gonna do squats next to make sure our thighs stay good and well-shaped. So people who don’t know how to do a squat is basically you put your legs on the distance of your shoulder and try to sit down and without bending your back at all and without making an arch in your upper back and without taking your feet up. If you are just starting and can’t do it then take a stool, chair or bench and try doing this while having it for your support in the behind.

Push-up: Then next we gonna operate our upper body from our chest, triceps, and back muscles. Push up is one of the best and most basic upper body exercises that are effective in any workout and you can not even imagine the varieties of push-ups that are there to try.

Toe jump: This one is special to target your calves the lower legs. So this exercise will activate all the lower calves and make them super toned and get them in shape. The gravity will do the work for you here in this exercise, many people will tell you to do toe jumps as fast as you can which a great way. But I will tell you to be faster and jump higher for better results than what I do when I’m doing this exercise.

Crunches: For this, you will need to lay down on the ground, cuz it’s time to cover your middle part of your body. It’s simple everyone knows how to do crunches right if not then you should check the video on YouTube for proper form.

How to turn all those exercises in a routine.

Now I told you what is the exercise that you need to do for this routine but how you going to make it a great routine that will get you fit and help you lose weight. Before I tell you, you need to know that when you start this for 15 min you going to get just 15 sec of rest in every exercise. Make sure you ready for it the tip before starting is to learn proper form as when you get tired the form gets bad. So if you will start with bad form it will just keep getting worse and worse, and another tip that when you start doing it and feel tired don’t stop you can slow down but don’t stop.

So for this, you will take a stopwatch.

We will do 45 sec on means 45-sec workout and 15 sec off means 15 sec rest every exercise.

Start with burpees,(45sec on 15sec off)

Squats (45sec on 15sec off)

Push-ups (45sec on 15sec off)

Toe jump (45sec on 15sec off)

Crunches (45sec on 15sec off)

When you are done you will finish 1 set, you need to repeat this for 2 more sets a total of 15min without any rest or stopping the workout or stopwatch, and you will see yourself losing weight and being healthy.…

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Changes you can make to help control your diabetes

Changes you can make to help control your diabetes

Diabetes is a slow killing disease, no it doesn’t kill you but it will kill all your wishes and all your favorite things you want in life for you. Have many drawbacks, some of them are no rice, no sugar you can eat have to sacrifice a lot in food and the continuous craving for food after every 2 or 3 hours.

The most common types of diabetes you will see people have are type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and gestational diabetes.

Once you got diabetes it will always go to remain with you and it can be carried on to your child through genes.

So the most you can do is now that controls your diabetes and maintain it so you won’t have any problem with your daily life.

Take your pills on time

The basic thing you can do is start taking your pills for diabetes on time many people try to neglect that which they shouldn’t. There is a reason why those pills were given to you so make sure you let those pills work for you.

Maintain your weight

Try to be fit and maintain your weight, people that have high body fat and overweight are easy to get affected by diabetes and can get worse so make sure you maintain your weight.

Do daily exercise

As I said make sure to maintain your weight that will help you and if you are correct weight and not too fat. Try getting exercise as it will help you to maintain calories and help you get better health it will maintain your sugar level in your blood and you will feel great. If you have a high sugar level this can be the best thing for you to get it back to normal.

Control your diet

Make sure what you eat is good for your health try avoiding carbs as carbs after getting inside your body starts to break down as sugars and can increase your sugar level. Make sure you don’t eat rice, don’t take honey and sweet things, get a pack of sugar-free. That will give you sweetness and after that, you don’t even have to worry about your body. Also, start taking fiber, there are soluble and insoluble fiber that can help you or make your sugar level bad, depending on what type you eat it can make your sugar level low and can make it high.

Stay hydrated

When having diabetes it’s really important that you stay hydrated as drinking water helps you get that extra sugar in your body out, by urination so it will help you flush all the high sugar levels through urine as when you drink water the blood will lower sugar level and give a better control over your sugar level, studies have shown that people who drink enough water and stay hydrated have lower risk of getting diabetes.

Portion control

The portion control is really required admin diabetes people try to eat a lot and every 2 or 3 hours they need food in their body. So how you can manage that? Just make sure to eat less every 2 or 3 hours I know it’s not easy to control hunger but it’s easy to control what you eat and how much you eat.

Our human mind gets fooled Easily as it believes what it sees, so take advantage of that use smaller plate and get food in that your mind will think you are full and ate enough. You can then have small portions of the meal it’s not my self made the way it’s been proven by many Psychologists.

Stay calm

Make sure to stay calm and don’t stress much as the stress will increase some of the hormones that can cause you to increase in level of blood sugar. Making your sugar level go up, so make sure that you stay in the calm mode as much as you can, and if you still feel stressed go and meditate or do some exercise that will help your insulin that can control your sugar and also will get you in shape.

Get enough sleep

When you are going through sugar problems you need to make sure you go and get enough sleep every day try sleeping for at least 7 to 9 hours. Lack of sleep often makes your blood sugar goes high and can make your weight increase. So make sure to get enough sleep every day.

Get regular sugar level checked

Get a machine of checking sugar level or go to a clinic to check your sugar level every week to know what’s going on with your blood sugar levels, and what you need to fix to get a normal blood sugar level.…

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30 Days to a Healthier You: A Daily Checklist of Wellness Tips

30 Days to a Healthier You: A Daily Checklist of Wellness Tips

When we talk about being healthy it doesn’t happen In a day or in a week, always remember there’s no habit you can make or change in a day, and getting healthy is just like that. When I said habit that means you can only make your habit in some months or week just like 21days rule, it takes 21 days to get into a habit.

So I will tell you some things you can do day by dad some tips to get you fixed and used to being healthy. I’m not going to promise that you will get fit after 30 days as I’m not saying you will but in 30 days if you do this for sure you will get used to it and then after a few months you will get fit for sure.

So let’s know, first the things about getting healthy, first everyone thinks to be healthy differently for some it’s getting thin, for some, it’s getting muscular, for some it just being more than their weight.

So you need to know what you want for you, and according to that you need to follow the plan if you are already thin and using the plan of thin person then it can be harmful to you, so let’s see the 30 days plan to get into the habit of being healthy.

Day 1

You will start with some moderate exercise, so basically, no matter if you are trying to be muscular, lose weight or gain mass in your body you will need exercise not to hard just a little bit and keep it regular.

Day 2

Wake up early, proper routine should be there to live a healthy lifestyle you cannot stay healthy by waking up later sleeping till 12 pm and you will also waste your day.

Day 3

Start taking good food and stop getting junk food in your body, our food affect our health a lot as they are the source of our proteins, vitamins, carbs, and etc.

Day 4

Get green tea instead of tea start drinking green tea it helps reduce your belly fat and make your digestive system better.

Day 5

Say no to sugar, stop having sugar in your food or anything start taking sugar-free if you need to taste a little sugar and that also just a little amount.

Day 6

Get used to drinking gallons of water, as water is a great thing for our body helps in diabetes and other things too and is a really great source to reduce your fat.

Day 7

Get to know about spices and what are good spices that will help you get a healthy lifestyle, and make sure to less salt in your food.

Day 8

Walk whenever you can as walking will get you to lose the Calories if you are talking on a call make sure you walk and then talk, so make sure you walk whenever you get a chance.

Day 9

Try using stairs instead of lifts, another great thing about offices is that they mostly are above 7 floors in big buildings and if you have that too start going up there by stairs as it will help you get better shape and get some fat burn.

Day 10

Join a gym, or increase your exercise at home now that you have been doing some easy exercises you can start with a little harder level and get a better and healthy body.

Day 11

Now you are waking up early might as well as go for a walk for fresh air, it will make you feel great.

Day 12

Start gaining strength to your body so you won’t get hurt that easily and you will be healthy.

Day 13

Start stretching, this can lead you to get the flexibility that you wanted even more than that so stary stretching.

Day 14

Enjoy your surroundings make sure wherever you go or stay you should always observe and enjoy the surroundings.

Day 15

Get good fats inside your body like peanut butter and walnut there are many that will help you.

Day 16

Stay happy, happiness and laughter is the best medicine and a great way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Day 17

Now if you are thinking nothing is going on then stop that it won’t be easy, when you started you knew that right? So wait.

Day 18

Add more green in your diet make sure to eat enough green to get you all the benefits and nutrition.

Day 19

Prevent yourself from eating fast food and sugary food make sure you get a good source of food.

Day 20

Including vitamin in your body and help you replenish your energy.

Day 21

Start doing yoga, yoga helps you get a flexible and healthy body with many benefits of decreasing the risk of many harmful diseases like cancer.

Day 22

Go out more, don’t stay at your house now it’s 22 days go out more and wander here and there try to make new friends and socialize.

Day 23

Try doing new things that you like which will help you enjoy your life and have a healthy brain.

Day 24

Get exercise level high now, as you have been exercising for more than 23 days your body gets used to it so make sure to keep regular exercise with a harder level.

Day 25

Have an aim what you want in life and focus on that only. That keeps you away from all the other negative thoughts.

Day 26

Start playing sports, sports Is a great way to maintain whole-body health and to get you a better-shaped body.

Day 27

Start doing meditation, when you try to meditate it gives you a peaceful state of mind that helps you stay stress-free and send good vibes to your brain.

Day 28

Sleep at least 8 hours to 9 hours every day. It’s important that you get enough sleep every day to refresh your mind.

Day 29

Hobbies, many people think hobbies are just for time pass when they can help you stay healthy too when you do the things you like you feel happy and when you feel happy your body stays happy.

Day 30

Do nice things, just like for hobbies if you do nice things in life treat everyone with love and care it will make you feel good that will let you have a great and healthy lifestyle.…

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The Best Thing to do if you are Spending Christmas in New York

The Best Thing to do if you are Spending Christmas in New York

If we are talking about New York which we are there are a few things you need to know about this busy town which never really sleep and you can always find something to do here. At any time, no matter if it’s night or day, summer or winter there’s so much to have every day.

While we saying things about New York, the Christmas spirit in New York is really something. City let you experience a lot of things during Christmas week and let you have a great Christmas. So let’s check something that you can do if you’re spending time in New York during Christmas time.

Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and ice skating rink will be a great spot at night for you to see. Gives you a great view of the iconic Christmas tree decorated with lights and other Christmas ornaments, and in front, you will see the ice skating rink and many people there doing ice skating and enjoy Christmas. It’s one of the most crowded places in New York City during the time of Christmas so make sure either come early before the crowd or come late when everyone goes home.

Saks Fifth Avenue Light Show

While you are in Rockefeller Center and seeing the Christmas tree. After that, you need to make sure to look across the street where you will find this amazing light show in Saks Fifth Avenue. With the amazing light show making a theater-like environment will make your Christmas. It is one of the best places to be in holiday season. And let me tell you one thing this just keeps getting better and better every holiday.

Window display

If you are Central Park after you reach the bottom of Central Park go down to this amazing journey of window displays of the biggest stores In New York City. Including the shops like Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and other big names of New York City, they keep making their store display better every holiday.

Macy’s special letter

If you at Macy’s which you will be if you were walking down Central Park, so make sure to visit the shop and write a letter to Santa. Everyone needs to have something right? Well, Macy’s need you to write a letter to for that only, as when you write a letter to Santa and place it on Macy’s special letterbox. They will donate 1 dollar to make a wish foundation and let them have one wish they need in their life, so make sure you do go there on Christmas and spread the love.

Holiday Market

If you are in New York and want to do some shopping make sure you go to the place of the holiday market. They will get you what you are looking for the market gives and provide you with hundreds of vendors and different stores. With some huge stores like Union Square, Columbus Circle and more. At holiday market you are guaranteed to find something for yourself and for your loved ones so make sure to get here if you want to shop while you in New York City

Ice skating

If you are spending your Christmas in New York City you need to do ice skating on Christmas it’s like a tradition for the New Yorkers to do. When it comes to ice skating and best rink for ice skating I will say go to Rockefeller Center rink, Central Park or Bryant park for best ice skating rink and experience the feeling of Christmas with all these other people that will be there for skating.

Rooftop bars

If you are having fun and want to end your night with some nice drink, then make side to check out these great rooftop bar in whole New York City. You will find many of them there, I know it’s cold and in the rooftop it will be colder but a drink or two it will make you feel warm and comfortable. They let you enjoy the view from up there, the beautiful way to end your Christmas night and also a great place to have a date with your partner and enjoy Christmas with them.

So, these were my favorites things to do I will tell you one more thing you can do is explore the great thing about New York City is there no limitation the more you explore the better it will be for you.…

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How Yoga is Helping Kids with Cancer

How Yoga is Helping Kids with Cancer

Yoga is a great exercise for anything many would have believed that yoga can cure almost everything. Which has been quite debatable as it’s not scientifically proven but some people did try it and have been cured, so whether it can or not will leave up to you.

But this is true that yoga has its many benefits including some that can help in curing of killing diseases like cancer and others.

How does it work? Well, when you do yoga you unknowingly activate some parts of your to work properly as they should have. You start getting those benefits from it after a while, it will not be bad to say that yoga gives you the fastest results.

Yoga may not cure cancer but it can help overcome and fight it, and it is helping many kids and adults all over the world, so let’s see how yoga helps kids in cancer.

Decrease fatigue

When any kid or adult is going through cancer, that can be super tiring for them and they will feel super fatigued. When that happens you feel a lot weaker and the energy level goes super down. So according to studies yoga helps you decrease that fatigue and let you feel a little better and give you the energy that you need for the day. 3 studies have shown that it’s really helping a person to reduce fatigue if he is attending yoga sessions every week, so yes yoga will help you reduce fatigue.

Reduce stress

Cancer is not just physically tiring it’s also mentally tiring that will make you feel down, depressed, anxiety and super sad and make you stressed and take over your fighting will. Yoga is really helpful in this thing as it’s a way of meditating and relaxing your body and mind and when you do yoga there are quite good exercises that will let you go in relaxation mode. And forget about all the worries and let you feel good and better and help you to regain that will power and make it stronger than ever before. Studies have shown that doing a 7-week yoga route is really great for stress and will help you get rid of that up to 65 percent that gives you quality life and let you have less pain.

Improves your body

When you’re going through cancer it takes the ability of your body to function properly and slowly it starts taking over your whole body and make it harder to do a simple tasks. When it affects your body it takes up all the energy to move and make you feel that you cannot move anymore. This leads to staying in bed making you sicker and leaving you with pain, stiff and sore body, while yoga will help you make the proper functioning of your body. As when you do simple yoga exercises the blood circulation and the nervous system get better and let your body work properly. It will make the blood flow better in every part that won’t make your body stiff and will help you active every part of your body. Many trials have been done on this and it’s been proven that yoga does help to make your body function properly and it’s really helpful for cancer patients as well as the survivors.

Sleep better

When you are going through a dangerous diseases that can slowly kill you, it gets harder not to think about it and worry, and when taking the physical pain with this mental stressed body. You will for sure lose sleep and if you don’t sleep better you will have problems getting better and that can cause some serious issues. Give you insomnia and stop your body for healing properly, so with yoga, you can fix this, there are many yoga poses that you can do for better sleep and having a great quality of sleep. People that do yoga have a better quality of sleep and sleep for a longer duration. All over yoga is great and also helped many insomnia patients and good for cancer patients too as it will let them have proper rest and make the healing process better.

Let you have less risk of recurrence

When you get better and win the fight of cancer there’s still a chance it will recur in your body and make you sick again which can be pretty heartbreaking, and 100 times harder to fight. With it again as you have witnessed before and still it got back to you. So to save you from all those things you can do regular yoga routine that will make you lose fat density and make your cancer stay away from you. Always remember that obesity is a risk factor for cancer and need to be managed.…

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5 Best and Simple Ways to Use Aloe Vera

5 Best and Simple Ways to Use Aloe Vera

When talking about aloe Vera the most renowned plant in this world usually known for its great medical uses and other health benefits, it’s very useful when you think about it and not even expensive to get.

There is a massive demand in the whole world for its uses, you will see many products like creams, gel, medicine oil and other products that are said to use aloe vera as its main component.

But the natural ways are still the best for getting the benefits of this super useful medical plant let’s see 5 of them right now.

Skincare: Aloe Vera plant that stores water inside its thick leaves and has a sticky gel that actually is the water stored in the leaves has many benefits. The most commonly known one that we can use in our daily life is for treating our skin weather its face or anybody. It helps you get more glow and make your face look smoother with its natural health compounds. Just take one leaf and get the gel of the Aloe Vera leaf and put it on your face and just like a scrub you need to massage it for 15 to 20 min slowly and gently so your skin absorbs it. When you are done doing that you need to wash your face and after some days of regularly using this you will a glow on your face, less oil, and a cleaner face.

Help us from harmful infection: Talking about medical benefits this plant is really great when it comes to saving you from harmful bacteria in your body. That can lead to infections, the plant has antioxidants that are really needed for health, regular use of this plant will make you be more healthy. As it will protect you from getting infected by those harmful diseases and other compound of Aloe Vera will provide you with other kinds of benefits too, from vitamins to minerals this plant have most of them so make sure to get it if you wanna take benefit of all those things.

Help your skin to get rid of burns: If you have gotten burned while making food or doing something you can use the Aloe Vera plant gel. On your skin for that purpose and it will help you to get rid of the burning and make sure that you don’t leave a scar on your body. It’s scientifically proven the first plant to be used as ointment back in 1959. The plant of Aloe Vera is mostly used as a gel rather than eating it people like to rub it and when you get burned you can also rub it on your skin for a few minutes and then leave it like that for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it. With water and dry it with a clean and soft cloth or towel, it’s very useful when it comes to 1st degree or 2nd-degree burn.

Mouthwash: Aloe Vera is one of the best mouthwashes you will ever find, it saves you from gum problems and tooth decay and stop your plaque building. That is mostly the cause of tooth problems so when used as a mouthwash it’s really great. I’m not saying this from myself, the studies have shown this result, that people used aloe Vera as mouthwash their teeth got healthier so yours can too. Aloe Vera produces some kind of good bacteria that kills the plaque and known as streptococcus mutans, it helps us get rid of all the plaque by killing them and providing us a healthier mouth.

Anti-aging: Aloe Vera has been considered the plant to help you look younger and get rid of the wrinkles and make your skin younger by providing a glow to your face. It’s really been used over the world as in cosmetic products and creams to provide you the same benefits so why not do it at home right? You just need some leaves of Aloe Vera and then take out the gel use it as a face scrub and make sure to massage all over your face slowly. Massaging this on your skin will let the skin get all the benefits of this gel and when you did start resting. Then let it sit on your face like a face pack for 20min at least and then wash your face and clean it with a towel.…

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