15 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout  No Equipment Required

15 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout No Equipment Required

If you are going through some weight problems and don’t want to go to the gym or you don’t have enough time to go to the gym to get your weight loss and maintain the shape of your body.

Then you can do many things at your house while not disturbing your daily life and not taking much time from your life.

Get proper food to maintain your health and get that weight gain or weight loss whatever your goal is diet is for everybody.

The most important and the best thing you can do is to get some regular exercise.

(I would recommend doing both together the dieting and exercise regularly).

So now you must be thinking how can we do exercise if we don’t have time don’t worry I will tell you an exercise routine that I myself do. Every day to get myself in shape.

It will take a maximum of 15 to 20 min of your daily life and can make you fit.

HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

So high-intensity interval training is a mixture of great varieties of exercises without resting or taking minimum rest in between. That you can yourself add to this routine and make it your own routine but I will tell you some of the great routine exercises that will activate your whole body in just 15min.

Exercise we will do

Burpees: One of the best exercises you will ever see that need no equipment just your body and ground that’s it. Burpees are really great for a full-body workout and can be done anywhere and as much as you want. To do burpees we start with standing straight then going to a squat position and jumping directly to a push-up position and then doing a push-up and getting back to the squat and then jumping from that and standing still so that’s your basic burpees.

Squats: We gonna do squats next to make sure our thighs stay good and well-shaped. So people who don’t know how to do a squat is basically you put your legs on the distance of your shoulder and try to sit down and without bending your back at all and without making an arch in your upper back and without taking your feet up. If you are just starting and can’t do it then take a stool, chair or bench and try doing this while having it for your support in the behind.

Push-up: Then next we gonna operate our upper body from our chest, triceps, and back muscles. Push up is one of the best and most basic upper body exercises that are effective in any workout and you can not even imagine the varieties of push-ups that are there to try.

Toe jump: This one is special to target your calves the lower legs. So this exercise will activate all the lower calves and make them super toned and get them in shape. The gravity will do the work for you here in this exercise, many people will tell you to do toe jumps as fast as you can which a great way. But I will tell you to be faster and jump higher for better results than what I do when I’m doing this exercise.

Crunches: For this, you will need to lay down on the ground, cuz it’s time to cover your middle part of your body. It’s simple everyone knows how to do crunches right if not then you should check the video on YouTube for proper form.

How to turn all those exercises in a routine.

Now I told you what is the exercise that you need to do for this routine but how you going to make it a great routine that will get you fit and help you lose weight. Before I tell you, you need to know that when you start this for 15 min you going to get just 15 sec of rest in every exercise. Make sure you ready for it the tip before starting is to learn proper form as when you get tired the form gets bad. So if you will start with bad form it will just keep getting worse and worse, and another tip that when you start doing it and feel tired don’t stop you can slow down but don’t stop.

So for this, you will take a stopwatch.

We will do 45 sec on means 45-sec workout and 15 sec off means 15 sec rest every exercise.

Start with burpees,(45sec on 15sec off)

Squats (45sec on 15sec off)

Push-ups (45sec on 15sec off)

Toe jump (45sec on 15sec off)

Crunches (45sec on 15sec off)

When you are done you will finish 1 set, you need to repeat this for 2 more sets a total of 15min without any rest or stopping the workout or stopwatch, and you will see yourself losing weight and being healthy.

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