The Best Thing to do if you are Spending Christmas in New York

The Best Thing to do if you are Spending Christmas in New York

If we are talking about New York which we are there are a few things you need to know about this busy town which never really sleep and you can always find something to do here. At any time, no matter if it’s night or day, summer or winter there’s so much to have every day.

While we saying things about New York, the Christmas spirit in New York is really something. City let you experience a lot of things during Christmas week and let you have a great Christmas. So let’s check something that you can do if you’re spending time in New York during Christmas time.

Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and ice skating rink will be a great spot at night for you to see. Gives you a great view of the iconic Christmas tree decorated with lights and other Christmas ornaments, and in front, you will see the ice skating rink and many people there doing ice skating and enjoy Christmas. It’s one of the most crowded places in New York City during the time of Christmas so make sure either come early before the crowd or come late when everyone goes home.

Saks Fifth Avenue Light Show

While you are in Rockefeller Center and seeing the Christmas tree. After that, you need to make sure to look across the street where you will find this amazing light show in Saks Fifth Avenue. With the amazing light show making a theater-like environment will make your Christmas. It is one of the best places to be in holiday season. And let me tell you one thing this just keeps getting better and better every holiday.

Window display

If you are Central Park after you reach the bottom of Central Park go down to this amazing journey of window displays of the biggest stores In New York City. Including the shops like Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and other big names of New York City, they keep making their store display better every holiday.

Macy’s special letter

If you at Macy’s which you will be if you were walking down Central Park, so make sure to visit the shop and write a letter to Santa. Everyone needs to have something right? Well, Macy’s need you to write a letter to for that only, as when you write a letter to Santa and place it on Macy’s special letterbox. They will donate 1 dollar to make a wish foundation and let them have one wish they need in their life, so make sure you do go there on Christmas and spread the love.

Holiday Market

If you are in New York and want to do some shopping make sure you go to the place of the holiday market. They will get you what you are looking for the market gives and provide you with hundreds of vendors and different stores. With some huge stores like Union Square, Columbus Circle and more. At holiday market you are guaranteed to find something for yourself and for your loved ones so make sure to get here if you want to shop while you in New York City

Ice skating

If you are spending your Christmas in New York City you need to do ice skating on Christmas it’s like a tradition for the New Yorkers to do. When it comes to ice skating and best rink for ice skating I will say go to Rockefeller Center rink, Central Park or Bryant park for best ice skating rink and experience the feeling of Christmas with all these other people that will be there for skating.

Rooftop bars

If you are having fun and want to end your night with some nice drink, then make side to check out these great rooftop bar in whole New York City. You will find many of them there, I know it’s cold and in the rooftop it will be colder but a drink or two it will make you feel warm and comfortable. They let you enjoy the view from up there, the beautiful way to end your Christmas night and also a great place to have a date with your partner and enjoy Christmas with them.

So, these were my favorites things to do I will tell you one more thing you can do is explore the great thing about New York City is there no limitation the more you explore the better it will be for you.…

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