How Yoga is Helping Kids with Cancer

How Yoga is Helping Kids with Cancer

Yoga is a great exercise for anything many would have believed that yoga can cure almost everything. Which has been quite debatable as it’s not scientifically proven but some people did try it and have been cured, so whether it can or not will leave up to you.

But this is true that yoga has its many benefits including some that can help in curing of killing diseases like cancer and others.

How does it work? Well, when you do yoga you unknowingly activate some parts of your to work properly as they should have. You start getting those benefits from it after a while, it will not be bad to say that yoga gives you the fastest results.

Yoga may not cure cancer but it can help overcome and fight it, and it is helping many kids and adults all over the world, so let’s see how yoga helps kids in cancer.

Decrease fatigue

When any kid or adult is going through cancer, that can be super tiring for them and they will feel super fatigued. When that happens you feel a lot weaker and the energy level goes super down. So according to studies yoga helps you decrease that fatigue and let you feel a little better and give you the energy that you need for the day. 3 studies have shown that it’s really helping a person to reduce fatigue if he is attending yoga sessions every week, so yes yoga will help you reduce fatigue.

Reduce stress

Cancer is not just physically tiring it’s also mentally tiring that will make you feel down, depressed, anxiety and super sad and make you stressed and take over your fighting will. Yoga is really helpful in this thing as it’s a way of meditating and relaxing your body and mind and when you do yoga there are quite good exercises that will let you go in relaxation mode. And forget about all the worries and let you feel good and better and help you to regain that will power and make it stronger than ever before. Studies have shown that doing a 7-week yoga route is really great for stress and will help you get rid of that up to 65 percent that gives you quality life and let you have less pain.

Improves your body

When you’re going through cancer it takes the ability of your body to function properly and slowly it starts taking over your whole body and make it harder to do a simple tasks. When it affects your body it takes up all the energy to move and make you feel that you cannot move anymore. This leads to staying in bed making you sicker and leaving you with pain, stiff and sore body, while yoga will help you make the proper functioning of your body. As when you do simple yoga exercises the blood circulation and the nervous system get better and let your body work properly. It will make the blood flow better in every part that won’t make your body stiff and will help you active every part of your body. Many trials have been done on this and it’s been proven that yoga does help to make your body function properly and it’s really helpful for cancer patients as well as the survivors.

Sleep better

When you are going through a dangerous diseases that can slowly kill you, it gets harder not to think about it and worry, and when taking the physical pain with this mental stressed body. You will for sure lose sleep and if you don’t sleep better you will have problems getting better and that can cause some serious issues. Give you insomnia and stop your body for healing properly, so with yoga, you can fix this, there are many yoga poses that you can do for better sleep and having a great quality of sleep. People that do yoga have a better quality of sleep and sleep for a longer duration. All over yoga is great and also helped many insomnia patients and good for cancer patients too as it will let them have proper rest and make the healing process better.

Let you have less risk of recurrence

When you get better and win the fight of cancer there’s still a chance it will recur in your body and make you sick again which can be pretty heartbreaking, and 100 times harder to fight. With it again as you have witnessed before and still it got back to you. So to save you from all those things you can do regular yoga routine that will make you lose fat density and make your cancer stay away from you. Always remember that obesity is a risk factor for cancer and need to be managed.

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